Benefits of Food Dehydration

If you haven’t used a food dehydrator so far, then here are 10 great benefits which will answer your query of “Why Dehydrate Food”?

In modern times, Food Dehydrator is designed to keep food healthy, dry, and well-dehydrated. These conveniently used machines have become very popular these days and are helping people to provide the food of their choice. You no longer have to worry about the quality loss of your favorite foods.

How Does Food Dehydrator Work?

A dehydrator is a machine that helps to remove water and moisture from the food to preserve it. The amount of water in the food is usually 50% to 85% for different herbs. A good quality dehydrator circulates high heat sources and warm airflow to reduce water from it.

It works effectively to prevent foods bacterial growth. Besides, it also helps to preserve foods for a long time and extend their shelf-life just by spending around 12 hours to dehydrate the foods. Sometimes, it also depends on the nature and water percentage of the selected foods.

There are 2 types of dehydrators you can use to preserve your food according to your preferences:

  1. Vertical Flow Food Dehydrators – It spreads warm air to all the machine shelves that make the food tastier.
  2. Horizontal Flow Food Dehydrators – It has a heating source at the backside of the unit which performs very efficiently in making dehydrated food.

So, Why Dehydrate Food?

Dehydrated tomato slices on a dehydrator tray

The climate changes regularly and so, some foods are available only in one season. But there are many food items, which we needed in odd seasons. And at that time, either we need to pay a higher amount in grocery store or simply wait until it’s back in season.

But fortunately, with the grace of technology, you have the option to preserve the required edible items to consume them later. You can use a food dehydrator to store the seasonal foods for longer duration by preserving its nutrients and taste. And the foods that you dehydrate at home will be organic(if you buy organic groceries) and money-saving solutions as well.

You can dehydrate many types of food such as fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, flowers, etc. 

Let’s check out all the best benefits after knowing Why Dehydrate Food.

Healthy Food Choice

Many of us get our dehydrated foods from grocery stores. The problem with those is that we rarely read the ingredients table. Many of commercial dehydrated foods contain preservatives and added sugar.  But by using a food dehydrated at home, you are in control of what’s added and what’s not.

You Eat Raw Food

Many people rely on raw food for its health benefits like weight loss. By dehydrating your food while it’s in season you can still enjoy it off-season without compromising on nutritional value or buying something with a high price tag.

Buy Now, Save Later

Idealy want to buy daily needed items on sale or at the discounted price. But the challenge is, after buying the food in bulk, it may spoil in a few days.

So, the best option is, buy as many items as you can and use a dehydrator to preserve them. In this way, it won’t be a burden to your budget nor you need to constantly look for discounts.

Make Your Camping Food

When you go on a trip, dehydrated food will make your camping more enjoyable. Your home-made dehydrated foods will work as a ready to eat snacks. And this way, you will spend less time preparing food and more time enjoying the precious moments outdoors.

Have Fun with Kids While Making It

Your kids will be happy to learn how their favorite, homemade snacks are made. Whether you are making dried banana chips, raisins or beef jerky, bring your kids through the process. It’s at most importance to tach them that the food that they eat is always healthy and free of additives.

Expand Your Garden

Generally, you can spend a lot of money buying raw veggies and snacks. But despite spending a lot of money in the grocery store, you can expand your garden by growing a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. And then preserve them using a food dehydrator in a comfort of your home.

Enjoy Your Own Dried Herbs

Since the temperature and air circulation of dehydrators are quite easy to control, it has become the fastest way to dry differend kinds of herbs at home. It can quickly and easily remove water from the herbs and finish the process quite quickly.

So, why to rush to the market when you can enjoy healthy dried herbs at home?

Make Own Beef Jerky

Buying beef jerky at the store can get quite expensive. And if you are craving to eat beef jerky in odd time then there is no way to get it.

You can make your own beef jerky at home and can eat it any time to calm down your hunger. You can prepare it easily at home by placing a small meet strips in a tray and dehydrate it for 5-6 hours. The process of making it is really simple if you choose the right dehydrator for jerky.

Preserve Food Longer

The process of dehydration not only removes the moisture from your food but also prevents bacterial growth. Thus, the shelf life of dehydrated foods is much longer. Make a lot of raisins when grapes are in season and you’ll be able to enjoy them for months to come.

Easy to Take “On the Go”

Whether we are talking about a commercial food dehydrator or the dehydrator for home use, both can be portable and allow you to move them from one place to another without much effort. If you are planning to be away for a few days you can easily pack one in your luggage and take it with you.