How to make honey powder at home

Almost every human has a soft corner for sweets, and the list is never-ending. A few people may love more sweetness than others, but we all like to eat sweet things now and then. Sugar is in many foods, and you may not even realize it. From sugar to artificial sweeteners, there are many options to satisfy your sweet tooth, but one of the best options is honey. It is a natural sweetener which directly comes from honeybees.

It also has many medical benefits over sugar because it is a purely natural product. However, in contrast with other sweeteners, honey comes in liquid or fluid form. So, we cannot use it in all situations. But there is a solution to this issue, and that is honey powder. You can easily make honey power at your home, and with the use of honey powder, the world of honey is getting more versatile.

What is honey powder

Honey powder is the dehydrated form of liquid honey. Natural honey has an incredibly long shelf life, but after the dehydration process, it gets a longer life than ever. A dehydrator removes the liquid from honey and makes sure that there will be no staining or crystallization. Dehydration also keeps yeast away from the honey, which can ruin the sweet taste. Honey powder is more versatile than honey. So you can use it in numerous food recipes. Honey powder is pure white.

Health-conscious people often use it in their juice, breakfast cereal, or any sweet food over natural honey. Many chefs fond of honey powder the most because they required it in little amount than the liquid honey. But where will you get it? You can get it online or in any supermarket, but do you know that you can make honey powder at home? Don’t worry. We are here to help you. Let’s make honey powder at home.

Here’s how to make your own honey powder at home

You can make honey powder at home using a food dehydrator or an oven. But the dehydrator is the best option. If you are using an oven, keep it on low flame and heat the honey slowly for up to 24 hours because overheating will kill the proteins and the healthy qualities of honey. So making this powder without a dehydrator can be a long procedure. That’s why we are going to make it with a dehydrator. There are a few steps to follow:

Step 1: Spread it

At first, you have to spread the honey on fruit roll-up sheets. It is designed for the dehydrator to work well. 

Step 2: Heat it

After that, set your dehydrator at 120 degrees, and don’t forget to stay alert. When the honey becomes harder enough, remove it from the dehydrator. If you left the honey in the dehydrator for a long time, it will burn and if you remove it early from the dehydrator, there will be moisture still in the honey.

Step 3: Cool it

After removing the honey from the dehydrator, you have to give it a while to cool down. Use a dry place to store the honey. It will help to keep away the extra moisture from it.

Step 4: Blend it

When it cools down, you have to pour the dehydrated honey into a blender and blend it well. Now the honey powder is ready to use. Proper storing of honey powder is very important. Keep it in a dry place. Humidity is not good for the honey powder. Now use it when and where you want.

Honey powder making steps

Benefits of the honey powder

1. Dried honey is a superb substitute for sugar, various sorts of examinations and studies have affirmed. We get a lot of nutrients and minerals from it. At the point when you contrast it with the white sugar, its glycemic record level is low.

2. Solidified or powdered food has a long period of usability. It can keep going for a while if you store it appropriately. At the point when we are preparing any treat, we can utilize this sound choice to improve them.

3. With the dried honey you can set up some heavenly and lip-smacking plans since it works nearly equivalent to sugar. The treats will be delicate and soft. Because of its lighting consistency, you could use it for icing. Interestingly, your pastry won’t dry the following two days when you are utilizing this sugar substitute.

Nutrition facts of Honey

A bowl of honey and lemons

Honey is the pure source of concentrated energy. It is a natural, fat-free, transfat-free, and cholesterol-free sweet food. It is a mixture of glucose, fructose, water, and some little amount of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and many more. Honey is rich in antioxidants and amino acids. So, Honey is a delicious, more beneficial choice to sugar.


When you consider all the advantages of honey powder, the genuine inquiry becomes, for what reason haven’t you begun making and utilizing it as of now? Powdered honey is an incredible fixing that can immediately turn into an absolute necessity have staple in your washroom. It is anything but difficult to make and use, so why not make some today?