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– Versatile
– Affordable
– Appealing Design
– Portable
– Compact size
– Easy cleaning


– No temperature adjustment
– Noisy
– Feels underpowered
– Slow dehydration

Hiding behind a very long product name – NutriChef PKFD06 is in fact a multi purpose dehydrator that can help you process almost all types of foods. It is a unique product as it combines basic functionality with an appealing aesthetic appearance in hopes to attract wider consumer interest.

Keep reading to find out more about what makes it sell like hot cakes in our extensive look of its functionality and features.




AIR FLOW: Vertical




WARRANTY: 1 year (limited)



Nice Design

Looking at the device at a first glance leaves owners satisfied since it looks somewhat stylish and modern. Being a rectangular box shape makes it easy to place anywhere in the kitchen. We like how compact it is which adds a lot to portability when you want to store it away from sight when it is not needed.

Qualilty Of Dehydration

First of all we must point out that we could not find out the power rating for the heater element on our review unit. Usually we would make a big complaint about this fact however due to NutriChef Food Dehydrator compact size and small amount of inner capacity this isn’t an important issue. The food dries up nicely and relatively fast given the size of the unit. The high maximum temperature rating does give you a sense of efficiency no matter the absent power rating number.

The Vertical Flow

Obviously being a boxy shape compact dehydrator means that the most practical airflow direction would be the upward flow. This design works good most of the time although we did notice an uneven spread of hot air over the lower trays.

Humble Capacity

While advertising a stackable design with only 5 trays might seem laughable – especially seeing how competition offers more spacious designs – remember that this is in fact a budget friendly compact food dehydrator. Seeing the manufacturer’s product description makes us want to believe that the focus with this model is on quality instead of quantity.

The Trays

The trays are made out of BPA free transparent plastics and feature mesh structure that keeps foods in place while still allowing hot air to move in between. Their design is another saving grace since they add to the overall modern look. It’s a shame you get capacity of only 5 of them in total.

No Controls

Don’t get us wrong – we are the first ones to appreciate understated, clean and minimalistic design for our kitchen appliances. It usually means a good design choice that will fit right in no matter how your kitchen looks like. In this case we think that NutriChef went a bit too far by leaving users with only a single power on and off switch. More demanding buyers will look elsewhere because of this, for sure.

Power and Efficiency

Since we cannot judge the rating for the power of the heating element we can only measure the time it takes to dry various types of foods and rate it based on that. We notice that the fan is very powerful and helps move a lot of air inside although it does make too much noise. Seeing the average of around 9 hours for processing full capacity we can deduct that the efficiency is below average given the compact size.

NutriChef Professional dehydrator

NutriChef Professional Electric Multi-Tier

Detailed specifications

The weight

Low weight of just 3 pounds is another pro for this very portable dehydrator. The use of thinner plastics and lighter metal base pays out in this case. Those of you who don’t want your dehydrator occupying countertop space all of the time will be able to store it away easily. Even when you load it full of fresh foods – the total weight doesn’t go past 7 pounds which some users will appreciate.

The Dimensions

Measuring 10.2 x 11 x 11 in inches places NutriChef Multi-Tier Food Preserver in the leading position on the market when it comes to compact size dehydrators. If you are willing to sacrifice processing volume and portability – this is the right model for your consideration.


Open design and use of clear transparent plastics ensures that you will always be able to see how foods dry up. Everything but the base of the device allows unrestricted visual access to the inner space. At first, moisture build up might fog up the view although it goes away quickly due to good airflow.

Temperature Range

This is another absent variable that will put off plenty of more demanding potential buyers. What you get is an automated heat regulation that goes up to a maximum of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. All you can do is switch the power button on and simply sit back and wait for the results. Great for non-demanding dried jerky lovers yet not as appealing at all for precise fruit and vegetable processing.

The timer

All you get is a single power on/off button with no ability to set or control the timer function. We feel that such a basic feature could have been included as this is being advertised as being a multipurpose dehydrator.

The Trays

Clever design of the trays allows plenty of unrestricted airflow. We do not appreciate the fact that there are only five since it limits the overall processing capacity and speed. We wish that they were at least more spacious although this would mean losing the compact size of the whole unit.


NutriChef Multi-Tier Food Preserver might appear to be a mixed bag overall yet it has some pretty neat tricks up its sleeve that make it stand out.

Mutli Purpose Functionality

It doesn’t matter whether you need to process fruits, vegetables or meats, this small dehydrator can do it all! What it lacks in volume it manages to compensate with overall versatility. It’s convenient and easy to use which is always an advantage for those who only occasionally dehydrate their food.

Tough to Beat Price

It might seem like a small package yet it is because NutriChef stubbornly kept this model pretty basic allows it to be very affordable. It beats plenty of competition that way and comfortably sells more units – easily retaining a bestseller status for years on end.

Made For Power Efficiency

Small size of internal volume means that there is no need for high power fan and heater which keeps the overall power consumption low while still retaining decent performance. For such a portable dehydrator this makes sense as it is aiming for less demanding customers after all.

Eeasy Maintenance

Due to the smart inner design of the unit and trays – keeping it clean after use won’t ever pose a challenge. Each tray is dishwasher safe although we advise extra care for hand washing as they are a bit thin and could snap under too much pressure.


Here are some of the most obvious downsides of owning this dehydrator which we discovered during our time testing and using it extensively.


It is obvious that the dehydrator of this size doesn’t need a powerful heating element and could be compensating with a more powerful fan instead. Unfortunately the fan inside this unit is too loud for our liking. If you prefer quietness in your kitchen then this may not be the right appliance for you.

Processing Capacity

Being compact in size means it will serve its purpose adequately only to less demanding users. Smaller families can go by with it too although some frustration can be expected because of the long processing times for small volumes of food in a single run.

Nothing Professional About it

The inclusion of the word “Professional” in the name of the product is in the case truly laughable. There isn’t a single feature that this device offers that would ever make it look appealing to more demanding, let alone pro grade users.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the warranty?

The NutriChef Multi-Tier dehydrator comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

2. What is the main build material?

Everything is made out of plastic, except the heating elements and the fan.

3. Is this dehydrator BPA free?

Yes. Trays are BPA free.

4. Can I remove and/or add the trays for more space?

Unfortunately no, you can’t. You can only remove and/or use up to 5 trays maximum.

5. Are the food trays dishwasher-safe?

Yes, you can wash the trays in the dishwasher.


At the end of our time testing the NutriChef Professional Electric Multi-Tier Food Preserver a couple of conclusions became obvious. You can’t ignore the fact that you get a lot of dehydrator for money if you do not need advanced features. If it’s bare bones experience that looks appealing to you – we say go for it – you will be pleased with your decision.

On the other hand, its compact size and the small amount of processing capacity can be a big obstacle to potential buyers that want more control over their food dehydration. If this is the case – we strongly suggest that you search somewhere else and have a look at what the competition has to offer, instead.