Hello, everybody, my name is Paul Woods. I’m a full-time chef by profession, and my greatest passion is to experiment with various types of food and to try out the new recipes. I have a lot of experience with cooking, and during my career, I have used countless kitchen appliances that help people with making the most delicious meals at their own homes. Together with my small but dedicated team, I have decided to help people who have little or no experience with the food dryers, helping them to find the best possible models for their money. I’m here to make that task a lot easier for you!

Hi, Meryl McCloud here! I’ve been a professional cook for quite some time now – creating all sorts of meals is the biggest passion of my life, and I just can’t see myself doing anything else. Together with my friend, Paul, and some other acquaintances (who are also cooking enthusiasts), I’ve decided to start up a website about food dehydrators, knowing that many people find these devices confusing and can’t determine whether they really need them or don’t. My mission is to help you discover the many uses of these machines, as well as the best models that are currently on the market. I’m always happy to help!

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Led by Paul and Meryl, we at DehydratorSpot are a small but passionate group of cooking enthusiasts who love everything about various kitchen appliances – especially about the food dehydrators. Even though they aren’t something new on the market, these machines are still quite unknown to an average housewife, who probably knows next to nothing about them. Our goal is to show you how these devices work and what they’re used for, as well as to give you a comprehensive list of the most popular food dehydrators on the market right now and our honest and unbiased reviews of them. We’re going to give you all the details about the features and functionalities of an individual model, as well as all about its advantages and disadvantages. And, since some members of our team are professional cooks, we’re also going to give you our best recipes that you can use to try out your new food dehydrator – all of them are delicious and sure to amaze your guests!

We approach each device with utter professionalism – checking out its design and characteristics, after which we turn it on and test it ourselves because that’s the only way to be certain about each device’s qualities and faults. We always tend to try drying various types of food in the dehydrators we’ve reviewing making sure that our visitors know how the certain models are behaving with the specific types of food. We also pay great attention to design and the included accessories, as well as to warranty period and the frequently asked questions, trying to cover all that there is about a particular model. We’re sure that you’ll find our reviews to be the best on the internet – be sure to recommend us to your friends!

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