Magic mill 6 Tray















– Easy to clean
– It’s affordable
– It has a timer
– The heat distribution is great
– You can see the whole process


– Occasional plastic smell
– Timer is not entirely reliable
– High power usage
– There could be more trays

Good dehydrators that come at an acceptable price aren’t easy to find, but that’s exactly what the Magic Mill 6 is all about. It’s an exceptional food dehydrator, coming with a sleek design, six trays for dehydrating, a digital thermostat and a timer, and the whole package even includes oven mitts for the protection of your hands.

It’s excellent choice that will help you with drying your food in an easy and efficient way.



AIR FLOW: Horizontal





MATERIAL: Metal (base), plastic (Trays)

WARRANTY: 1 year (limited)

DIMENSIONS: 12 x 17 x 19″


Good design

Even though the Magic Mill 6 is quite large, it still looks very nice. It features a modern design, which you will notice the moment you get it out of the box. It has some sleek, curved lines on the top part, and you’re also able to get it in the black or the white color.

Quality of drying

With this dehydrator, you will be able to dry all the different kinds of food – tomatoes, kale, kiwi, grapes, oranges, and meat, and all of this at the same time. It does the job very nicely, turning the fresh slices of fruit or meat into delicious, crispy snacks, in a relatively quick and effective way.

The horizontal airflow

In the back of the Magic Mill dehydrator, there is a large fan that pushes the air from the back to the top of the unit, bringing the even heating to all the trays inside the dehydrator. This horizontal airflow is far more efficient than the vertical one and is one of the most important features of the device.

Large capacity

With its six spacious trays, this device allows you to fill it up with many pieces of meat, fish, or fruit, and easily spice up the dinner with dried food for the whole family. For example, one tray can take up to 30 slices of kiwi, and there is enough space in the dehydrator to make a large bowl of delicious banana chips!

The trays

With Magic Mill 6, you will get twelve trays – six of them made of stainless steel, and the other six are the plastic non-stick trays. The plastic ones can be used together with the metal ones, and you will also get a special tray with which you can catch the food drippings.

Digital controls

The process of drying food has never been this easy before as the top part of this dehydrator features digital controls, allowing you to quickly set the temperature between 95 and 158°F, while the built-in timer makes it impossible for you to forget about your sweet strawberry slices. There are five buttons in total – the on/off button, the plus and the minus buttons, as well as the ones for temperature and timing.

Transparent door

Since the front door of this 6 tray dehydrator is transparent, it is easy to monitor the whole dehydration process. This, of course, means that’s it almost impossible to make a mistake – you will see that something is over or under-dried, and quickly carry out the necessary changes.

Silicone oven mitts

This neat little bonus will help you avoid the skin burns while handling the trays. The gloves come in green color, and are pretty thick and sturdy, even though you can only put your fingers in them – and not the whole hands.


Magic Mill 6 Tray

Detailed specifications

The weight

The Magic Mill is pretty bulky – its weight is 15,4 pounds.

The dimensions

Even though it will certainly fit inside your kitchen, this dehydrator is also quite suitable for outdoor gatherings. The precise dimensions of the unit are 19 x 15 x 14 inches.

The front door

As we already said, the front door is transparent, and it’s easy to see how the food dries over the time. It can be removed by an upwards pull.

The range of the thermostat

The standard 95°F to 158°F range of temperature will let you dry a large variety of different kinds of food.

The timer

This feature takes the timing into account, giving you the necessary alarm that the food is now dried and ready for consuming.

The racks

There are six racks in the Magic Mill dehydrator, and each one of them is removable so that you can make space for bigger pieces of food. Each rack can hold up to 1 LB of weight.

like Things We Liked

There are a lot of good sides to this dehydrator, so let’s take a look at them – it’s always good to wrap up the things before considering a purchase.

Easy to clean

Cleaning the trays is a real breeze with this dehydrator, as they’re easily removable and you can wash them with hot water and some detergent. They’re also dishwasher safe, making the job even easier.

It’s affordable

For $120, you’re unlikely to find a better dehydrator on the market. It is a great combination of a low price and excellent functionality, which is crucial if you intend to buy more than one – for your business, for example.

It has a timer

Timers are rare in this price range, which inevitably puts the Magic Mill 6 into the best-buy category. You will never again forget the food in the unit and over-dry it.

The heat distribution is great

The flow of the hot air is very precise in this 6 tray dehydrator, thanks to its horizontal flow technology. It dries the slices of food from all directions, distributing the heat as evenly as it gets.

You can see the whole process

Some dehydrators come with dark-colored doors that are impenetrable to light, and it’s easy to over-dry the food. This is not the case with Magic Mill 6, as its door is completely transparent.

dislike Things We Didn’t Like

This device also has some disadvantages, even though they’re not so severe to ruin the whole experience with it. Let’s have a look at them:

Occasional plastic smell

According to some users, the dehydrator sometimes emits a strong plastic smell, probably due to the heating of plastic parts. It does not affect the food in any way, however.

Timer is not entirely reliable

As you might already know, a proper dehydration is not something that can be accurately measured, and you might get unsatisfactory results if you rely on the timer too much.

High power usage

Since this dehydrator is pretty powerful, it has a high energy usage. You might notice bigger numbers on your electricity bill if you use it every day.

There could be more trays

Even though 6 trays are quite enough for most of the users, there are also some models with nine or more food trays. If your needs for dried food are high, consider buying one of those models.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the warranty?

The Magic Mill 6 comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

2. Is the front door made of plastic or glass?

The door is made of plastic. Everything is plastic, with the heating elements as an exception.

3. Is this dehydrator BPA free?

It is. All products made by Magic Mill are BPA free.

4. Can I remove the trays for more space?

Yes, you can use this device with all or just a single tray, or with any combination of them.

5. Are the food trays dishwasher-safe?

Yes, you can wash the trays in the dishwasher.


The combination of useful features, the addition of the digital controls and a great rating makes the Magic Mill 6 Tray an excellent choice when it comes to dehydrators.

The affordable price only makes this statement stronger, and the few bad sides that it has shouldn’t turn you away from purchasing it. Most of the users had a superb experience with it, getting a properly dried food with a great taste and scent, and we can do nothing else but recommend it.