Aroma NFD-815D NutriWare Product Image




95 – 158











– SIx removable stainless steel trays
– Cool-touch plastic housing
– BPA-free construction materials
– Compact – ideal for smaller kitchens
– Easy-to-use digital controls
– Eight temperature settings (95°F – 158°F)
– Timer feature included
– Transparent front panel
– Quiet while working
– Easy to keep clean


– A steep learning curve for amateurs
– Modest manual

Imagine you’re back at home from work and you’re feeling hungry. It would be great if you could eat something hot, but you’re really not in the mood for cooking. However, there’s no prepared food in your apartment at the moment – you’re at a loss.

This is precisely where a quality dehydrator comes in. Drying food is not the only purpose of these machines – they’re much more versatile. Moreover, dehydrating food is always a healthier choice than eating a meal bought in the department store.

With features such as 6 stainless steel trays, digital LED screen, 8 temperature settings, and BPA-free construction, Aroma NFD-815D NutriWare seems to be a pretty good choice. Let’s take a closer look!




AIR FLOW: Horizontal

THERMOSTAT: Adjustable



WARRANTY: 2 years




The first thing to notice about the design of Aroma NFD-815D NutriWare is that it has an outer shell made from high-quality plastic. Its most significant advantage is that it stays cool to the touch, no matter the current temperature settings.

There are a lot of cooking enthusiasts who avoid purchasing dehydrators made out of plastic. This is mainly due to the possibility of plastic containing harmful BPA chemicals. With this model, there’s nothing to worry about – its housing was manufactured from BPA-free plastic.

The unit measures 18.9″ x 14.8″ x 13.6″ and has an overall weight of 12.13 pounds. This means that NutriWave is not as bulky as some other model’s we’ve reviewed. Those with smaller kitchens will undoubtedly appreciate this fact.

Another excellent thing about this model’s design is that it comes with a transparent window. NutriWave’s panel view is entirely transparent, allowing the user to easily monitor the progress of the drying process. However, doing this at night requires the use of a flashlight – there is no internal lighting.


Let’s have a closer look at the inside of Aroma NFD-815D and see what’s there and how it works.

The model’s heating elements are located at the back of the unit, just behind the 6 drying trays. The trays sport a stainless steel construction, which, as you can already guess, significantly adds to their toughness and durability. Measuring 13” x 12″, they support up to one pound of any food at a time. Not only are they extremely easy to use, but also easily withstand abuse.

Furthermore, the unit comes with additional mesh sheets, a drip tray at the bottom, and standard guides on the sides of the interior. Each of these elements is vital to convenience and usefulness of Aroma NFD-815D NutriWare.

The guides in the interior act as a sort of blueprint for correct arrangement and insertion of the drying shelves. The mesh sheets, on the other hands, allow one to dry smaller fruits and berries easily. Lastly, the purpose of the drip tray is to collect the unavoidable residue during the drying process.

Digital LED Screen

No one wants burned food. For that matter, Aroma has equipped NFD-815D NutriWare with a user-friendly interface that allows precise control of the drying process.

The unit’s digital control area with five buttons is extremely easy to use. The fact that you can view the current temperature setting at any point during the drying is remarkably convenient. Getting the precise temperature setting that you want is as easy as pushing the buttons.

There are eight temperature settings available, ranging from 95°F to 158°F. The timer feature, on the other hand, can be set in 30-minute increments from 00:30 to 19:30 hours.


This dehydrator works very well – its performance had us thoroughly impressed. With it, you’ll be able to dry foods such as ground beef jerky, chicken, mixed veggies, soaked nuts, sliced organic meat, brownies, wraps, crackers, nut cheeses, kale chips, apples, strawberries, and many more. Three pounds of beef requires the use of just four shelves, letting you use the remaining ones for other items.

Another thing we liked about NutriWare’s performance is that it’s very quiet. The only noise it makes is the soft fan sound while it’s working. This means that the model can be safely used at night.

The dehydrator comes in a decent size and is a highly suitable choice for those with limited space in their kitchens. It’s a solid choice for people looking for a reasonably-priced model with stainless steel trays. For the price it comes at, the NutriWare offers a satisfying performance.

Aroma NFD-815D

Aroma NFD-815D NutriWare

Ease of Cleaning

Keeping this dehydrator clean won’t be an issue to anyone who ever owned a machine of this type before. Both the shelves and the lid cover are detachable, making cleaning them much more manageable. You can use your washing machine to wash them.

With the unit being made from plastic, its exterior can be cleaned with a simple combination of a dishcloth and some soapy water. Cleaning the interior requires a bit more attention, though. Due to the possibility of water getting trapped inside the model’s sensitive elements, make sure to be extra careful while cleaning the insides.


The Aroma NFD-815D is an excellent option if you’re looking for a reasonably-priced dehydrator that can dry many different foods while still retaining their flavors and nutrients. Although not stellar, the unit’s performance is undoubtedly a solid one, thanks to the effective horizontal flow technology and six spacious shelves.

Moreover, the model comes with a couple of convenient additional features. These include easy-to-use digital controls, cool-touch housing, the timer, and many other useful traits. All of these characteristics turn it into an investment that you certainly won’t regret making.