Nesco American Harvest FD-61WHC















– Impenetrable casing
– Low noise
– Easy to clean and maintain
– Quick dehydration


– Can get sticky
– Food sticks inside of the gun
– No timer

There was a time when food dehydrators were considered an expensive commodity. Luckily, those times are far behind us. Nowadays, everyone can afford a food dehydrator because the prices of those appliances are low.

Because they are affordable now, many people are deciding to buy a kitchen dehydrator, and why wouldn’t they? These units are a great choice if someone wants to enjoy a delicious and healthy snack. If you are curious about dehydrating meat and fruit, read on and learn everything there is to know.

When it comes to choosing a dehydrator, it isn’t as easy as it might seem at first glance. There are plenty of different models out there, and no unit is the same as the next one. This is why you should know that there are plenty of small things you need to consider before opting for a food dehydrator.

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Luckily, we have reviewed the Nesco FD-61WHC with plenty of detailed information regarding its capabilities, pros, and cons. If you were planning to purchase one, our article will help you learn everything you should know before committing to purchase. Also if you’re specifically interested for this brand you can read more about our Best Nesco Food Dehydrator picks here.



AIR FLOW: Horizontal

THERMOSTAT: Adjustable






The Nesco FD-61WHC is packed with many useful features. Our list should help you learn about the most notable ones.

Plenty of accessories

This kitchen appliance comes with many accessories such as various sheets and a jerky handgun. The jerky handgun helps with preparing jerky by making the process easier than before – it works the same way the handguns for desserts and cakes do.

The fan and heat distribution

You will notice that the fan is located at the top of the unit. It works on a similar principle as the other stackable food dehydrator fans do. The fans help by evenly distributing the heat throughout the unit, which means that the heat dispersion is exquisite. The fan and the heating device receive 500W of power, which is more than enough to dehydrate any foodstuff. The Converge-a-Flow technology helps with even drying. This means that there is no need for tray rotation.

Good number of trays

One of the problems with cheap food dehydrators is that they come with small trays or trays of low quality. Luckily, that is not the case with this unit. The American Harvest FD-61WHC comes with five stackable racks. If you don’t need to use all five of them, simply take out as many as you want.

Another benefit of removable racks is that, by removing racks, you save power. The ability to manage the trays turns this unit into a compact one. You can fit it on any kitchen counter without a problem.

BPA-free and non-toxic

When it comes to preparing the food for dehydration, one of the most important things is the quality of materials used in creating the kitchen unit. You don’t need to worry about the Nesco American Harvest FD-61WHC – this product is made entirely of BPA-free polycarbonate. This material does not emit or absorb chemicals – this means that you can leave your food in the dehydrator overnight without worrying about the safety and taste of food.

Great power

We have already mentioned that this appliance comes with 500W of power – this fact should represent the capabilities extremely well. This food dehydrator has more than enough power to assure excellent performance – the power can support both the fan and the heating unit.

Easy maintenance

When it comes to food processing, one of the most annoying aspects is cleaning, but we have to say that cleaning this unit is a piece of cake. The best fact is that every component of this dehydrator is dishwasher-safe (except the power head.) The other component can be cleaned with a cloth.


Nesco FD-61WHC

Detailed specifications

The type of the dehydrator

Nesco FD-61WHC is classified as a stackable dehydrator – this means that you can add and remove many trays as you see fit. Also, by removing the unnecessary trays, you save a lot of power. This dehydrator is great because you can set it up to your personal preferences.

The fan

While other dehydrators have a vertical airflow, this one has a horizontal airflow. You should know that units with vertical airflow tend to mix up the flavors, but the units with horizontal airflow keep flavors the same. There is nothing worse than tasting something you weren’t planning to taste. You should not worry about the food integrity if you opt for the Nesco American Harvest FD-61WHC.

Thermostat and temperature range

The temperature range of this product is 95 – 155 degrees Fahrenheit. This range is more than capable of tackling any food and performing the dehydration process flawlessly. We like the fact that this unit comes with an adjustable thermostat. After all, the thermostat is what separates this product from the other ones in this price range.

You should know that many other food dehydrators work at a preset temperature. If you want to prepare the best dried foodstuff, you should opt for a unit with an adjustable thermostat.

The size

The dimensions of this unit are 13” x 11” x 13”, and it weighs around nine pounds. Because of its low weight, it is easy to store and move this product. Another fact worth mentioning is that this food processor is compact so that it will fit in every kitchen.

Expanding trays

We have mentioned that this dehydrator comes with five stackable trays, but it is worth mentioning that you can expand its capacity by adding seven more. The trays are removable, which helps a lot if you want to dry a large food item.

like Things We Liked

There is a lot to love about this product, but we will focus only on the most important things.

Impenetrable casing

We like the fact that the light cannot pierce through this unit due to its Vita-save external body made out of smoky material. It is important to keep the light out of your food dehydrator because light can sometimes drain the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals from the fruit.

Low noise

The market is flooded with noisy food dehydrators, but this one is an exception. You won’t have noise problems if you opt for this unit. You can even use it during the night, while everyone is sound asleep.

Easy to clean and maintain

Taking care of this product could not be any easier. If you want to clean this dehydrator, the only thing you need to do is to put the components in the dishwasher. It is that simple! However, be sure to read through the user manual before cleaning because you need to know which components are safe to wash.

Quick dehydration

The Nesco American Harvest FD-61WHC is among the quickest dryers in its price range. While the other units need up to a day to finish the process, this unit needs only a few hours.

dislike Things We Didn’t Like

No product is perfect, and the same can be said about this one. There are some downsides, but you will be glad to know that they aren’t major.

Can get sticky

The trays in this appliance tend to get sticky, even more so if you are drying meat. Fortunately, you can solve this minor problem by using non-sticky dehydrating sheets.The trays in this appliance tend to get sticky, even more so if you are drying meat. Fortunately, you can solve this minor problem by using non-sticky dehydrating sheets.

Food sticks inside of the gun

This problem is not directly related to the unit itself, but it is worth mentioning. The handgun which comes with this appliance always has some leftover food inside. It’s not a huge problem, and you can easily avoid it by washing the handgun thoroughly after every use.

No timer

Even though this unit comes with an adjustable thermostat, it doesn’t come with a timer. This means that you have to keep an eye on the food during the drying process. You can solve this problem by purchasing a small kitchen timer; it won’t set you back a lot, and it is very useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I dry fruit in it?

Yes, you can. You can dry everything ranging from beef jerky to sensitive herbs and fruit.

2. Is it hard to use this product?

No, it’s not. As long as you follow the instructions from the user manual, you won’t run into any issues.

3. Does it drain a lot of power?

It has 500W of power, and that is not considered high.

4. Is it hard to maintain this unit?

Not at all. Many components are dishwasher-safe which saves you a lot of time and effort. Be sure to check out the user manual and find the list of dishwasher-safe parts.

5. Is it BPA-free?

All of the contact surfaces are BPA Free.


The American Harvest FD-61WHC dehydrator is a great unit for an affordable price. It offers plenty of useful features, and it serves its purpose without hiccups. What makes it worth buying is the adjustable thermostat, great power, horizontal airflow, and expanding trays.

Nesco is a famous manufacturer of many different well-made products, and they didn’t disappoint with this one. If you are looking for an affordable unit which won’t set you back a lot, consider trying out this one.