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90 – 165






6 – 12





– Affordable
– Expandable capacity
– Reliability
– Value for money
– Compact


– Noisy
Older model
– Not as efficient

Chances are that not every household needs to store lots of food and thus does not require powerful and high capacity dehydrators. When you want bare essentials and functionality at a great price then you may want to check out Presto 06301.

It offers almost every imaginable feature found on premium models while keeping the price at a reasonable level. Another plus is that it is often on discounts so you might want to grab it as soon as you find a good deal for it!




AIR FLOW: Vertical


NUMBER OF TRAYS: 6 (expands up to 12)


WARRANTY: 1 year (limited)



Innovative Design

In its basic 6 tray stance, Presto 06301 looks stylish with its round shape and compact size. We would prefer if the buttons were a bit bigger and would have a better tactile feel, though. The modular design means that you will be able to add up to six more trays to increase dehydrator capacity which is not something you find on competitor models.

Qualilty of Drying

The vertical airflow design can be seen as another advantage over the competition since it allows even flow that is moving in a natural way. The spacing between trays is adequate which in turn enables excellent results. You can process veggies, fruits, and meats with ease and get amazing dehydrated foods every time.

The Vertical Flow

All of the heating elements and the fan are located on the bottom of the Presto 06301 which enables warm air to move upward. Since hot air always moves up to displace cold air – this is a natural way of dehydration which produces good results while saving energy at the same time.

Large Capacity

During our time with our review unit, we were praising the overall 6 tray capacity that is great for most buyers who don’t want to spend too much. The real advantage is the expandable capacity that can be upgraded with another six trays! This feature makes it really stand out since competition only provides a fixed number of included trays.

The Trays

Round in shape, the included six trays can take up to 4 pounds of foods in one take. The oval shape also ensures even spread and same dehydration results each and every time. You also get two Fruit Roll Sheets and two Nonstick Mesh Screens for drying smaller foods that can get sticky during the drying process.

Digital Controls

The controls are found in the lower portion of the dehydrator and are average size and not very clicky feeling to the touch. We don’t like the fact that the text is so small although you quickly get used and learn to use them based on their positions. You get a start/stop button, time and temperature controls as well as two separate buttons to adjust the values. The elongated digital screen is easy to read and shows all of your settings and information.

Power and Efficiency

The heating element has a rating of 750 Watts which proves to be even more than you need for the basic 6 tray configuration. It makes sense only when you expand the capacity to the full 12 tray volume. Depending on how you set your temperature, the heater and the fan adjust not only to save power but also reduce the noise accordingly.


Presto 06301

Detailed specifications

The weight

With just a bit over 8 pounds, the Presto 06301 isn’t as lightweight as it looks, however, wait until you expand it to 12 tray capacity and it becomes very difficult to move once fully loaded.

The Dimensions

Measuring 15 x 14.5 x 7.25 inches in its standard configuration makes for a relatively compact dehydrator that is easy to place in any size kitchen.


Because of the transparent top covers and grill mesh at the bottom of each tray, you will be able to see how your foods dehydrate as time passes.

Temperature Range

Temperature adjustment range via the onboard thermostat is generous as it allows setting it up from as low as 90 and going up to 165°F. This makes it flexible and suitable for almost all types of foods dehydration.

The timer

Setting up the timer is a standard affair and allows you to determine the processing time and inform you with a beeping signal when the processing finishes.

The Trays

You get 6 spacious rounded shape trays as standard while being able to expand the total capacity with six more which adds up to 12 trays in total. A really impressive feat if you ask us!

like Things We Liked

While it gets so many points for practicality and expandable capacity there are features that make this model truly shine and definitely worth your consideration.


When your food requirements grow – the only thing you will need are those additional trays to increase processing capacity and you’re all set.

Pricing is Great

Presto 06301 Food Dehydrator is affordable and a great value proposition once you compare its spec sheet against the competition.

Feature Packed

You get all of the necessary functions that are found even on the newest models which only sweetens the whole deal even further.

Great Reliability Record

Current owners are still satisfied and are still using these models without any reliability issues which is the best sign of quality and durability.

dislike Things We Didn’t Like

Not all is perfect and there are some downsides to this otherwise great product although they don’t take away much from the overall ownership satisfaction.

Noise and Vibration

This is the first thing you notice and it really starts to exhaust you on the longer runs. Noise coming from the fan is substantial so working in the same space can become tiring.

Long Processing Time

Unlike most of the modern competing models, this one takes quite a bit longer to finish the dehydration of foods. Be prepared for long operation times when you fill it to maximum capacity.

Not as Efficient

The powerful 750 Watt heating element might sound good on the spec sheet but in real life usage, it shows signs of weakness. Paired with the vertical flow design it appears inadequate and takes too long to process larger amounts of foods on the trays.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the warranty?

Presto 06301 comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

2. What is the main build material?

Everything is made out of plastic, except the heating elements and the fan.

3. Is this dehydrator BPA free?

It is. Trays are entirely BPA free.

4. Can I remove and/or add the trays for more space?

Yes, you can. Because of the fully modular design you can easily add or remove trays.

5. Are the food trays dishwasher-safe?

Yes, you can wash the trays in the dishwasher.


Being an older model doesn’t take away the fact that Presto 06301 is still a great device that earned so much positive customer feedback accordingly. The ability to expand its overall volume capacity is rarely found on other models and adds additional value to the whole package.

Having always a reasonable price with frequent discounts makes this a great value for money proposition just be sure that you check your facts first. If you don’t mind a bit higher noise levels and slower processing speed then this is one of the best deals when compared to some of the competing food dehydrators currently available on the market.