l'equip FilterPro product image

95 – 158
6 – 15


– Cavernous capacity
– Included accessories
– Reliability record
– Great price
– Stylish design
– Quiet during use


– Efficiency lacks a bit
– Uneven drying performance
– Additional tray cost
If you are on the lookout for an expandable food dehydrator that is efficient and also performs as good as it looks – we suggest going through this entire review. We will try and explain what we like and dislike about L’EQUIP FilterPro Food Dehydrator. It ticks all the right boxes when it comes to versatility and owner satisfaction. Another nice fact about it is a nice and clean design that will look great wherever you may want to place it. So let’s go into further detail about the things that make this a great all-around appliance.




AIR FLOW: Vertical


NUMBER OF TRAYS: 6 (expands up to 15)

DRYING SPACE: 7.2 square feet

WARRANTY: 1 year (limited)



Stackable Design

Being able to expand from basic 6 tray size for up to 15 makes this an appealing choice for bigger families. If you want to process more foods at a time – you should definitely look no further. The large inner capacity volume is adjustable to accommodate even large pieces of food if necessary.

Quality Of Dehydration

Unlike most of the dehydrators on the market today, L’EQUIP FilterPro uses some clever engineering to direct air upwards and sideways at the same time. This ensures that the entire inner volume receives equal amounts of heat for efficient processing.

The Vertical Flow

Yes, this is another dehydrator that directs warm and cold air towards the top of the unit. There are no disadvantages when comparing it to the other vertical flow models. The top cap has a smaller opening so that it keeps constant temperature while most of the air gets ventilated on the sides of its outer surface.

Large Capacity

Needless to say that given its overall small size – the standard 6 trays might not be very useful for larger pieces of food. You still have a feature to remove unnecessary ones and use two of the included extra deep ones instead. These will accommodate up to 1.2 square feet of drying surface area. If you want to perform more – there is always the option to get additional trays for bigger capacity.

The Trays

The trays themselves are rectangular in shape and feature numerous perforations to allow air to move through easily. They are made of entirely BPA free plastics which is a must in this day and age. You get six drying, out of which two are extra deep, and also six mesh screens and two fruit leather trays. We also commend the inclusion of four separate yogurt cups.

Digital Controls

The main control interface is easy to use and understand. We applaud the simplicity of the main dials and in this case – less is indeed more. There is fully digital temperature control and timer dial along the main power switch button. The two small digital screens round up the controller design and overall it all looks nice and stylish.

Power and Efficiency

While the power rating of 530W might not sound as much, in fact, paired with the clever design for direction of the airflow makes this a truly energy efficient dehydrator. Note that it loses some efficiency which always depends on the number of added trays and the amount of food.
FilterPro dehydrator
L’EQUIP FilterPro

Detailed specifications

The weight

Having around 13 pounds of weight means that once you place it somewhere in your kitchen – you won’t be able to move it around too often. As you increase the number of trays with foods it gains more weight so you best plan ahead first before setting it up.

The dimensions

With 18 x 13 x 15 in inches in its default 6 tray configuration does affect the amount of space that it requires. It is a fair tradeoff given the amazing volume capacity it offers.


Unlike most of the other models on the market, you will not be able to glance at your foods when it is inside this L’Equip dehydrator. The top cover is made out of solid plastic for better airflow which in turn also hides the inside space completely.

Temperature range

Promising solid state variable temperature control actually means that you will have a constant usable range from as low as 95 and just up to 158°F. Sure it’s not among the best in the class yet we think that it will cover most of the user requirements. This is a home intended appliance after all.

The timer

The digital timer is easy to adjust and manage since you can easily read all of the changes on the onboard display.

The trays

You get plenty of trays and accessories for the price. There are 6 drying trays and two of those are extra deep with a generous 1.2 square feet of capacity. Additionally, there are also 6 mesh screens and 2 fruit leather trays and even 4 separate yogurt cups. In our opinion, you get plenty of useful accessories for the price.


This is definitely something you almost only get on premium models. There is an included FilterPro air system that keeps air contaminants getting onto the drying food on the inside. This ensures that your fruit, vegetables, meats or yogurt stays clean from pollutants and small unwanted particles like dust and dirt.

like Things We Liked

Glancing at the L’Equip you really cannot guess the amount of clever features and performance you get with it. Here are the best ones from the long spec sheet.


Who doesn’t like to do more for the least amount of time? This model is easy to adapt in case you either need more or less inner volume capacity for different foods dehydration. Being able to offer a whopping 15 tray set-up makes it exceptionally efficient.

Amazing For the Price

L’Equip FilterPro proves that you can cram so many features into an affordable price range without sacrificing quality. Amazing specifications will be very useful for any type of usage scenarios and you do get a lot of performance for the money spent.

Feature Packed

After spending time reviewing and using L’Equip we found that it completes everything our household needs and really helps for drying lots of foods for our long term storage requirements.

Stylish Design

Looks are not everyone’s top priority for this kind of appliance yet we find it’s design to be refreshing and overall makes it fit any type of kitchen.

dislike Things We Didn’t Like

Offering so much would make it an almost perfect choice if it weren’t for some minor faults that we happened to discover during extended use.

Drying Efficiency

Having a lower power motor is great for saving on electricity bills yet it doesn’t work well when you use all of the 15 trays filled to the brim. We appreciate the quiet fan although it doesn’t manage to distribute the airflow in an ideal manner.

Long Processing Time

It takes more time to dry foods than some of the competing models on the market. We feel that this is because of the inclusion of the particle filter although it is a necessary trade-off if you want to keep everything free from contaminants.

Difficult to Clean

The trays themselves feature design to enable optimal airflow which makes them a bit difficult to clean. This is especially true when drying foods that tend leave a sticky residue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the warranty?
The L’EQUIP FilterPro comes with a 1-year warranty.
2. What is the main build material?
Everything is made out of plastic, except the heating elements and the fan.
3. Is this dehydrator BPA free?
It is. Trays are entirely BPA free.
4. Can I remove and/or add the trays for more space?
TYes, you can. Because of the fully adjustable design you can easily add or remove trays.
5. Are the food trays dishwasher-safe?
Yes, you can wash the trays in the dishwasher.


We end our review with a mostly positive experience which seems to go along with the feedback of other L’Equip Filter Pro food dehydrator reviews left by the satisfied owners. Clean and modern design, affordable pricing with frequent discounts make this an option worth your serious consideration.

Customer support is very nice and given the good reliability reputation – there is little chance that you will face any issues with prolonged ownership. We still recommend that you go and check out some of our other reviews and helpful guides that will make it easier to pick your ideal food dehydrator.