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Venison meat is packed with minerals, vitamins, and proteins which makes it the perfect food. Better yet, it’s free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics. And when we think about deer jerky, we must say that it is an ideal snack for those serious hikers and backpackers who love spending their time outdoors.

Most of the consumers not only love the health benefits of this jerky, but they also enjoy its portability and convenience. So, it not only has great nutritional benefits and long shelf life, but it is also delicious, especially when you make it with a high-quality dehydrator.  It can last for several months if it’s properly stored.

Loved by all,  deer jerky is widely considered the healthiest snack that you can find in the store, or make on your own in a top rated jerky dehydrator. Depend on the recipe you use, you can make carb free one. And it is also an ideal choice for athletes because deer jerky is also high in protein.

In this article, we will talk more about the health and nutritional benefits that this delicious jerky is providing. To find out is deer jerky healthy for you, all you have to do is read on.

Things you didn’t know about Venison Jerky

  • Red deer meat of Asia and Europe contain 330 mg of the L carnosine which is antioxidant per 100 g serving.

  • This meat is the highest food source of CoQ10 with 15,8 mg per 100 gr of meat. However, the white-tailed one contains normal amounts.

  • Venison has 10 percent fewer calories than chicken breast and 40 percent fewer than beef, at only 157 calories per 3, 5 oz. serving.

  • Saturated fat is 40 percent lower.

  • Wild venison has about 50 percent fewer total fat content than beef meat. It also has 20 percent more protein than it.

  • Deer jerky contains a lot of vitamins such as B6, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamin.

  • As found in conventionally raised cattle it doesn’t include added growth hormone.

  • And the best part is that the wild meat is organic, although it’s not certified.

  • Health Benefits of Deer Jerky

    1. Helps Prevent Anemia

    When your body doesn’t include enough healthy red blood cells, that is called anemia. The symptoms can range from dizziness and fatigue to fast heartbeat or pale skin. Deficiencies in essential minerals and vitamins can cause anemia, although there are many potential factors which can also contribute.

    For example, when your body doesn’t get enough of B12 vitamin and iron, it will get to anemia because it impairs red blood cells production. Those problems can be solved by consuming food that contains enough vitamins and minerals such as deer meat. It is an excellent source of both the nutrients.

    It provides 16 percent of your daily iron requirement and 33 percent of your B12 vitamin needs in each 3 oz. serving. So, to prevent anemia, you should consider taking a few servings of this meat and add them to your diet each week. That will help you meet your needs and prevent some health issues.

    2. Promote Weight Loss

    That is the reason why most of the individuals add the venison meat to their meal plan. It is great for losing some weight because it is low in calories and high in protein. That makes this jerky an excellent addition if you are looking to shed those extra pounds.

    Protein is essential for our health, so eating it will help decrease ghrelin level. That is the hormone that is responsible for the hunger stimulation. A diet that is high in protein can reduce intake and appetite and boost metabolism as well. Which is excellent news for those individuals who want to lose some weight.

    3. Strengthens the Immune System

    Venison is rich in zinc. Just one 3-ounce serving contains 29 percent of your daily requirement of zinc. It plays the main role in any aspect of health as an essential mineral, especially for the immune system.

    Zinc helps prevent oxidative stress that is caused by inflammation, and it is the most important when it comes to the normal growth and development of immune cells. According to some studies, it will also protect your organism against some health conditions. They said that if you get an adequate intake of this nutrient, it will shorten the duration and reduce the symptoms of respiratory duration. In the treatment of conditions like diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria, it may also be beneficial.

    4. Sustainable Source of Protein

    If you are looking to incorporate something into your diet that is both healthy and nutritional, then the deer meat is the perfect solution for you. It includes 23 gr of protein in each 3-ounce serving which makes it an ideal addition to a healing diet that is high in protein.

    Interesting fact, protein makes up the foundation of your nails, skin, and hair and is needed for the synthesis of hormones and enzymes. Low intake of protein can lead to some serious health issues, from tanking your mood and energy level to slowing down your metabolism.

    5. Promotes Muscle Recovery and Growth

    As we already said, this meat is high in protein which is required for repairing and building tissues in your organism. If you are looking to gain muscle mass, you should consider adding the venison in your diet. It is considered that the protein in it is building block for muscles, cartilage, skin, and bones.

    Also, the specific amino acid L-glutamine, that deer meat contains aid in the recovery of the muscles. According to some studies, it decreases muscle soreness and speeds up recovery. So if you want to grow or recover them, you should consider adding deer jerky to your diet. It is as delicious as beef jerky, but also more nutritious.

    image of sweet venison jerky

    6. Supports Brain Health

    As you may already know, the studies have shown that what you eat can affect you’re the health of your brain. Adding venison to your meal plan will help supply certain minerals and vitamins that have been shown enhance fine-tune focus and memory and improve cognitive function. That certainly place this meat among the best brain food you can find today.

    For example, vitamin B12 will improve memory function and learning. Other studies show that this meat can help protect against the development of neurodegenerative conditions and cognitive decline. Also, this meat includes vitamin B6 which can improve mental health and boost your mood. Pretty great, don’t you think?

    Potential Health Risks

    There is one health risk that comes from eating venison, and that is the potential for it to be contaminated with lead. The high blood level of it can cause difficulty sleeping, constipation, anemia, aggressive behavior, hearing issues and kidney damage. Also, you need to be aware that deer meat can cause food-borne disease such as Escherichia Coli if it is not correctly stored, prepared or cleaned.


    Deer jerky is a fantastic snack for any individual who follows a low carb diet. If you are purchasing one in the store, make sure to choose the one that doesn’t contain any sugar or syrups. Instead, select the one that contains only spices and herbs or make your own at home with Nesco FD-28JX Jerky Dehydrator.