How to Dehydrate Mushrooms

Healthy snacks are the best snacks for kids and for the adults as well. And not only that but, they are also one of the healthiest foods too. We live in a world where there are so many different types of food, good and bad, choosing the right one can be hard.

For those who decided to keep a healthy diet, we have a really good and simple option. The dehydrator offers you a healthy way of preparing and preserving food for quite some time. Dehydrated fruit has always been declared as healthy and good for people of all ages, you probably know that already.


Healthy Tasty Food For Children

Homemade dehydrated apples and other fruits and vegetables mixes, have numerous health benefits, especially for people who exercise a lot and for kids. Since there are no chemicals, added sugars and other harmful elements and ingredients, the kids can enjoy it while eating healthy. This is good for them in various ways and they are getting the precious vitamins, necessary for normal development. This is not the same as commercially dried foods. In order to keep them fresh, various chemicals are added, as well as toxins.

A lot of health issues are related to unhealthy foods such as this. Homemade snacks have nothing to do with chemicals or toxins. If you want to prepare a healthy meal with dried fruits at home, all you need is a couple of healthy, natural and organic ingredients and you are good to go. With this in mind, dehydrating apples are just perfect for these kinds of snacks.

They go well with all sorts of other fruits and they are rich in vitamins and fiber. Food dehydration is a really popular thing as of late because people realized that they can save their money while still being able to eat healthy and tasty snacks and foods. Going to those healthy food and organic stores usually means spending a lot of money on some things that are supposedly good for you and your health. Well, not all are like that and honestly, you do not need someone telling you what is healthy or not.

Everybody knows that fruit and vegetables are healthy. They are healthy fresh and they will remain that way when dried. Knowing the right combinations of fruits and vegetables and how to properly prepare them is all you need. There is one more good aspect to dehydrated apples.

You can get your kids used to eat these and all sorts of other healthy snacks early and they will surely grow up to be healthy and continue to eat those same snacks simply because that is something that is like a precious memory to them. So, they will be eating healthy while remembering how happy they were as kids. Everybody wins.

You Need A Good Dehydrator

properly dehydrated apple

Since the dehydrated apples trend is on the rise nowadays, there are countless selections of dehydrators that you can choose from. The quality dictates the price and depending on what you want to do, you can choose. Out of so many features and models, the best thing to do is to check our buying guide and figure out exactly what you need, just to make sure that you don’t waste your money. There are five main things that you need to take into your consideration when you are planning on buying a dehydrator. First of all; the warranty. Before you even think of buying something, think about the return policy in case that you made a mistake.

The second thing would be the cleaning. You will spend a lot of time doing this so the easier the better. Of course, the most important thing would be the ease of use. Since you will be using this dehydrator a lot, you do not want to buy something that will take a lot of time to understand and master. Simplicity is all here so help you catch up quickly. Versatility is also very important. You will want to experiment a bit with it. Make it versatile. Now, that you know what to buy, focus on the recipe.

Recipe Step By Step

  1. In order to make the dehydrated apples snacks real quick, you will need some apples, something that will stop the apples from browning because you will need fresh apples for the best taste. Usually, a mix of lemon juice and water will do the trick. Peel the apples and mix them with cinnamon, it will boost the freshness and taste of the fruit.
  2. Pour the lemon and water mix over the apples and let them soak in it. This will prevent the oxidation which is a taste killer. Another good thing is that lemon helps to improve the taste of the apple so you get two benefits in one. Once you are done with peeling and slicing and you have poured the mix over the apples, lay them out on the dehydrator tray. For the cinnamon flavor, just put the apples in a ziplock bag filled with cinnamon. Shake it around a bit and you are ready for the final stage.
  3. Now, all you have to do is begin drying the apples. Cinnamon dehydrated apples can be combined with all sorts of nuts. The best mix is if you add some honey to it as well. The perfect temperature should be around 135 degrees and you should set the timer for about eight hours. Even though it’s not the smartest thing to do, check on the drying progress every hour or so, but don’t keep the door opened longer than a couple of seconds. Once the drying is done, find the jars with an oxygen absorber.
  4. This is extremely important as we already mentioned that oxygen makes the apples turn brown which is not good. If you want to keep them perfect, you need these special jars where the oxygen will be completely absorbed, preserving the top quality freshness for your tasty snack delights. Dehydrated apples prepared like this can be served with anything and they are extremely tasty. Combine these snacks with other fruits for even richer tastes and full enjoyment.


Dehydrated apples are a very tasty snack and no one can say no to them. One smell and bite of a cinnamon dehydrated apple will make you want more and more. Once you get into this snack, you’ll want to eat it every day – it’s that good.