Homemade Kale Chips Recipes

A high-quality dehydrator is one of the best appliances you could have when making homemade kale chips. You will be looking at the best units on the market while reading our reviews. In order to make this list, we have spent a lot of time comparing these products and testing them.

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Dehydrated kale chips are yummy and addictive, yet they are incredibly good for you. We must say, that it is always better to have this healthy meal than deep-fried potato chips instead. We will show you two easy ways of preparing them in a dehydrator.

Raw food product needs a low-temperature process, so if you are love this kind of food start taking notes because you will love dehydrated kale chips recipe. What is most important is that this vegetable includes vitamin K, vitamin C, it is rich in calcium and high in beta-carotene. So, besides it is delicious it is also very healthy.

If you want to know more about our best recipes, all you have to do is read on.

For those of you that don’t own a dehydrator yet, we put together a great guyer’s gude here!


How to Prepare It


  • One bunch kale, large
  • Two to three tsp olive oil, extra virgin
  • ¾ tsp salt
bunch of kale
From the leaf stalks, strip away the leaves and tough midribs. As the midribs consist twigs at the end, try not to dry the whole leaves, because they don’t taste nice. Save for soup stock or compost the leafstalks.

Clean the leaves from the vegetable and use a spinner salad to dry them or use a dishtowel and rolling them gently. After you have done that, tear them into pieces that are larger than chips-sized ones. As they dry, they will shrink.

Place the olive oil and the salt in the large bowl and put the kale in it. With your hands massage the leaves and make sure to coat them well with the olive oil. Add a dash of pepper, if you want to spice it up, or for a cheesy flavor use nutritional yeast.

In a single layer spread the leaves on the trays of the dehydrator. If you crowd them, they will not be adequately dried. If you don’t have enough space between the leaves, it is ok if they touch.

The next step is to dry the kale for one hour at 145 degrees F.  After that, lower the temperature at 115 degrees F and dry until crispy for about three to four hours. If you want to store it correctly, you need to place the dried veggie in the vacuum sealer or the airtight container.

Low-temperature Method

At 110 degrees F dry the kale for eight hours while you are working or overnight. When they are done, place them in the vacuum seal or airtight container so you can preserve them for future.


Dried Tomatoes and Cashews with Kale Chips


  • One bunch Kale
  • Dehydrated tomatoes, 15 grams
  • Raw Cashews, ½ cup
  • Two garlic cloves, large
  • Water that you previously used to soak tomatoes, ½ cup
  • One tbsp. lemon juice, fresh
  • ¼ tsp sea salt
  • One tbsp. nutritional yeast
Dried Tomatoes and Cashews with Kale Chips


In separate bowls, soak the cashews and dehydrated tomatoes for at least one hour. Set aside that water as you will use it later. The next thing to do is to drain the cashews. Tear the kale leaves into pieces, after you thoroughly washed them. Remove stems. Use a salad spinner to dry the leaves.

Into a large bowl put the veggie. Place the garlic in a food processor while it is working and process until it is minced well. Add all the ingredients, without salt. Continue processing until the mixture is smooth enough and according to your taste add salt.

On top of the kale pour the sauce until you coat it evenly. Put the vegetable on the trays of the dehydrator and dry for at 135 degrees F for about two to four hours, or until crispy at 115 degrees F for four to six hours.

Tahini with Kale chips


  • One bunch washed, pat dry organic kale – remove the steam after you cut the leaves
  • One tbsp. olive oil, extra-virgin
  • One tbsp. tahini
  • ¾ tsp balsamic vinegar
  • One tsp garlic, grated
  • Dash red peppers, crushed
  • Pepper and salt to taste
Tahini with Kale Chips


In a small bowl, combine all ingredients, without kale. Place the veggie in a large bowl and pour mixture over it. With rubber spatula toss the kale gently.

Place  it on(the kale) dehydrator trays, once it’s coated. Dry them until the chips are crispy and dry, for about two hours at 135 degrees F.

Cashews and Garlic with Kale Chips


  • Half green and purple kale
  • Two garlic cloves
  • Cashews, one cup
  • One red pepper
  • Nutritional yeast, ¼ cup
  • Cayenne, ¼ tsp
  • Pepper and salt to taste
Cashews and Garlic with Kale Chips


For two hours soak the cashews. From that water reserve ¼ cup, and drain the rest. In a food processor blend the ingredients until the mixture is smooth. After you washed and dried the kale, put it in the large bowl.

Use cashew-garlic mixture to spoon it over the kale and massage with the rubber spatula making sure that is coated evenly. Lightly pepper and salt the leaves of the vegetable. Put it on the dehydrator trays. Dry for two to four hours at 115 degrees F.


If you are looking for a healthy snack recipe to prepare for you and your family, then you are at the right place. With the high-quality dehydrator, you will make these meals like a chef. We are sure that you will love this addictive, most-perfectly, flavourful, crunchy best kale chips recipes.

Drying is the best way to store the food without losing its nutrients. After you try these recipes, we assure you that dehydrated kale chips will be your new favourite snack.